Kiss the stone of eloquence in this castle but enter its poison garden at your own risk

Learned about this in my class last week! Cool stuff!

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The stone of eloquence and poison garden of fascinating Blarney Castle, Ireland

Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle in IrelandAmidst the blue Irish skies and green lands of Blarney, lies the Blarney Castle, an intriguing medieval fortification. One of the features that make this place really popular is the well-known Blarney Stone, also known as ‘The Stone of Eloquence’. According to a legend, anyone who kisses this stone is rewarded with eloquence and persuasiveness, an enticing prize for many of the world’s powerful and famous.

The Blarney Castle is set against the refreshing greens of the gardens dotted with colorful flowers and trees you will find it hard to resist the charm the fort exudes. However, hidden behind the Castle battlements, you will find the new poison garden, which you must enter at your own risk. It is believed that a similar garden once occupied the same site, from as early as the 1800′s, where plants would…

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Memories of castles

The Quiet Writer

I’ve always had a fascination with castles, cathedrals too, but castles have greater variety in architecture and location.  As a kid I’d run around the grounds, up and down the towers and paid little attention to the historical aspects. They all looked the same – ruined: windows without glass, hearths without fires and walls without roofs.

I’ve memories of certain occasions….

The mist rising up around Goodrich castle.

Making sand castles on the beach next to Bamburgh castle.

Charging up and down the cobbled paths of Chepstow castle.

The racing pigeons on the cliffs by Dunstanburgh Castle.

The reflections in the moat at Leeds Castle.

…. there are others, all just snapshots in time – the colour of the eroding stone, the view from the upper most tower, the relics of the kitchen ovens.

I enjoyed many authors as a child, one author of historical books – Ronald Welch –…

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Scotland a Land of Mist and Castles


I’m sorry not to have blogged for some time but I have just returned from a trip to Scotland.  A land full of castles frequently shrouded in mist. We had a great time and hope that my internal batteries have re charged!

There was an absence of shopping opportunities but I managed to track down a few charity shops! imageWhen my first Grandchild was born nine years ago I realised that she would be a child of the internet. I decide that everywhere I went I would send her a postcard. I love the written word and worry that modern children will use it less and less. Indeed postcards are getting less and less available as I suppose their days are numbered!

I now have three grandchildren so that means three postcards. I send them even when I go on a day out somewhere. I always date them and say…

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