Residence of the Crown Jewels

By Joanna Ninh

What’s royalty without luxury and being lavish? Being royal we think jewels, stones, crowns – but not many people know where the Royal family store their priceless pieces. The residence of the Crown Jewels are held in the top of the Tower of London and many of them are still being currently worn by the Queen.

Below is a link all about jewels and crowns. Here you can learn the history of all the extraordinary diamond collections.

The Tower of London was once a palace, prison, and arsenal. It was used as a prison from the 15th-16th century. Today, it is the home of the Crown Jewels and is a World Heritage Site. Tourists drive past the Tower everyday and for those who want a tour, they offer a free guided tour by the Yeoman Wardens with admission. This historic fortress  is located on the north bank of the Thames River in central London where the guards are all in uniform around the fortress to stroll the grounds.

You can find many tours that give you the benefits of the insight of the royal fortress. The Tower of London is one of the top attractions that is a must see in any itinerary.